Woman Gives Birth To Her Own Grandson - An Amazing Story of Love


After losing three babies during her pregnancy, Sara Connell was devastated and losing hope to ever experience motherhood. Her mother, Kristine Casey however decided there is something she could do to help and came with a crazy suggestion: to become her grandchild's gestational carrier. She had a succesful pregnancy and gave birth to Finn, the biological child of Sara and Bill. This made her the oldest woman in Chicago to ever give birth. An inspiring story that will leave you in tears.


This Algorithm Can Paint Like The Great Masters


A group of German researchers, from the University of Tubingen, have created an algorithm that can "paint" an image to resemble the art style of any other painting. This type of program is called a "deep learning" algorithm, similar to what Google and Facebook use to recognise images.

According to the researchers' paper, this system makes use of "neural representations" to analyze the style of a specific artwork and to apply it to a different subject. You basically input any photo and assign an art style to it by letting the algorithm scan the original artwork. The program will then reproduce something using the same types of colors, artstyle and brush strokes. It is quite astounding.

Have a look at how this algorithm re"painted" this photo of a building in Tubingen to look like various famous paintings such as "The Starry Night" of Van Gogh, "The Wreck of a Transport Ship" by J.M. Turner and "The Scream" of Edvard Munch. You can read more about this here or download the PDF for more information.

Original image:


They Poured Buckets of Honey Over Her To Create Unbelievable Art


By pouring honey over his subjects, photographer Blake Little seems to freeze them in time. The human body becomes an art form, a living sculpture. His photos are simply amazing. Blake felt inspired by the movement and quality of honey when poured over a human body. How dripping and dribbling it over clothes and skin amplify and distorts its shape and highlights its perfection. To see more of his work, be sure to visit his website Preservationbook.com